QT’s K-Pop Playlist: Guilty Pleasure Cougar Edition

Hey guys!!  So when we were deciding what to do this week, somehow we came to the conclusion that this week was going to be cougar week.  Get ready guys for songs that will make you happy when it really shouldn’t  lol!

QT’s k-pop playlist: Guilty Pleasure Cougar Edition:

Shinee “Replay” – Taemin, Taemin, Taemin.  I mean he was the only reason why I couldn’t get into the group at first, but now I absolutely love him I meant them.  The music video is one my favorite throwback songs ever!

BTS “Boy in Luv” –  I made this playlist before “Just one day” came out, but I wish I could have added that instead.  I like this song too cause I feel like their speaking at me, lol.  My sister told me they sang this song because SNSD’s Taeyeon liked manly men.  I mean I really like  manly men too, really!

GOT7 “I Like You” (Boyfriend Ver.)-   This version should not be allowed to exist.  My heart could not handle it, not at all.  If I was a few years older, I probably could have had a heart attack.

Teen Top “Miss Right”- Shin Bora was so lucky to be in this music video.  I was debating whether to put this song or “Clap” but I chose this instead because it’s more style.  You know being in a jail cell full of boys.  Too Cougar fo’ the world!

100% “Beat”- I love this song.  It is currently my jam to when I feel bad for liking all these youngins.  I love the dance and I’m pretty sure there are a few members you are younger than me.

NU’EST “Face”-  Nothing says this is a young group than there debut song being about bullying.  Great message for all the young audience and one of my fave songs from NU’EST.  Plus all the members are like my younger sister’s age.  And Ren.  That is all. Thanks guys.  Thanks Pledis.

I hope you guys enjoyed the playlist!  If there any songs that you would like to see in the playlist, just leave a comment below.  We’ll add it to the list.  Don’t forget to follow us @QT_KPOP and Tumblr QT-Kpop.  Also, share this post and like and spread the word!

Thanks, Q.

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