K-Pop Star 3: Live Broadcast Episode 20

The.  Final.  2.  


Bernard Park – Jackson 5 ” Who’s Loving You”

I felt that this performance was good.  It was so hard to forget the performance he had last week.  When he sang “Right Here Waiting”, it just so good.  YG commented that because his previous performance was so good that they were expecting a lot more from him.  

Kwon Jin Ah – Primary “LOVE”

Once again this was definitely not her best performance.  Not going to lie, the dancing was a little awkward, but it was still good.

Sam Kim – JYP “Honey”

Look at this cutie pa-tootie earning his first 100.  Sam really knows how to work the crowd and it’s amazing how much he’s learned throughout this whole experience.

Unfortunately, this week we had to lose Kwon Jin Ah.  Meaning that Sam Kim and Bernard Park make it to the final!


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