T’s Talk of the Music Realm: M.I.B.

Hey obsessors!

This weeks ear candy is M.I.B.’s new album The Maginot Line.


These boys released their second album The Maginot Line that has 10 tracks including “Men in Black” from their Men in Black single in 2013, songs featuring Bomi from A Pink, 하임 and TEM and a short skit.

The songs are a mix of pop, dance and hip hop genres, really good songs to dance to and just a pick me up. Believe me, I was listening to the album when I was writing a paper for class, which was a really bad idea because I kept on getting distracted with the music. The concept to this album is similar to their past album and singles, they kept their hip hop, in your face, fun style.

My top songs from this album would be “놀고들 있네,” “치사Bounce,” “너부터 잘해,” “강강수월래” and “Dirty Sexy Money.” These songs are the few pop, dance or hip hop songs in the album that caught my attention the most. At this moment they’re promoting “치사Bounce” the most which is catchy and fun to sing along with. “Dirty Sexy Money” caught my attention because of the intro, if you have heard it already it just makes you laugh if you haven’t well here you go.

And if you haven’t heard “치사Bounce” yet, here you go.


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