K-Pop Star 3: Live Broadcast Episode 19

We’re down to our top 4 and going into the semi-final where only 3 contestants can make it through.  I have to say, this episode was almost gosh darn a perfect episode.  Before the episode started, the contestants visited JYP’s house where he fed them, dissed the other judges and gave them “special” teachers.  As it was JYP week, he told them which singers to really listen to and learn from them.


Here we go!!!

Kwon Jin Ah – JYP’s “십년이 지나도”

She didn’t sing with her guitar.  What?  And she was good at it.  Say what?  She was so good.  Everything was pretty from her dress to the stage to the tone of her voice. EVERYTHING was pretty and sweet and lovely.  Yoo Hee Yeol commented that she could probably be a ballad singer too.  I mean, she can sing pretty much everything and make it sound lovely.  YG said that if she were to release this song, it probably would have been a hit (as opposed to when JYP sang it and not being a hit), lol.  YG also said that there was no way that JYP would be dancing and singing when he was 60 and I fell out of my chair when he said that.

You know what’s the best thing about Kwon Jin Ah, it’s that she’s been consistently really good and usually by this time most people would have a bad week.  But she hasn’t had one, and I’m always expecting a great performance but also my expectations go up too.

  • YHY:98
  • YG: 95
  • JYP: 99

Sam Kim – Benny King’s “Stand By Me”

I keep in forgetting that he’s the youngest contestant.  I was surprised for a while when he called Something’s Jung Se Oon “hyung”, oh and his fellow EQ member visited him too and they were all too cute.  When they were singing a song together, Jung Se Oon was like don’t eat anymore food and stop eating cereal at 2 in the morning, LOL!  And his own EQ member can’t stop looking at Kwon Jin Ah.

Anyways, when he started to sing all I could say was, “Yes, Noona will come stand right next to you.”  Dang, does this boy have some major groove.  The track or the background music or whatever it’s called was produced by himself.  JYP said that once Sam Kim learns more about music, he’ll become a scary musician.  The only reason they took points off was because of the middle part where is voice kind of fell through, but we all know we can blame puberty for that.

Oh and does anybody else think that Sam’s Korean got a lot better?  Like mountains better.

  • YHY: 95
  • YG: 95
  • JYP: 94

JJari Mong Ddang – Toy (the band YHY was in)  “뜨거운 안녕”

Aww, these girls missed their high school graduation and their school gave them one.  It was so cute and sad.  I’ve never seen somebody so sad to be leaving school.  I’ll tell you this right now, I was extremely happy when I graduated from high school.

The song they sang was all about them leaving school and stuff.  It was good, but it wasn’t their best.  I definitely thought they could have done without the backup dancers but that’s just me.  Since they were singing about their school and that in mind, JYP commented that it might have been hard for some people to really relate.  I have to agree, they definitely had the moments where they made me have goosebumps but I didn’t really feel it.

I feel like though if they sang “Listen” this week, it would have been THE perfect episode and the judges and audience members would have a hard time choosing a winner.

  • YHY: 96
  • YG: 92
  • JYP: 92

Bernard Park – Richard Max’s “Right Here Waiting”

Scratch what I said before when I was talking about his “Home” performance.  This was his best performance EVER!  LIke EVER!!!  This might be the best performance of K-Pop Star Season 3 and maybe of all K-Pop Star.  When he started to sing, he just captured my heart and kept it.  Yoo Hee Yeol commented that this was probably the first time he’s cried when he listened to a man sing since he was born.

What a great week to have this performance with his parents coming.  Did you all see the bags of Cheetos  and Doritos that his parents stuffed in the luggage.  I want some Cheetos now.  OMG!  He should do a Cheetos or Doritos cf.  Lol, can you imagine him in a cf.

His great performance earned him then first 100 score of the season, not from one judge but two!

  • YHY: 100
  • YG: 100
  • JYP: 99

Can’t we just have these 4 perform over and over again until the finale?  No, fine.  Unfortunately, Jjari Mong Dang was eliminated, and Kwon Jin Ah, Sam Kim and Bernard Park move onto the semi-final.



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