QT’s K-pop Playlist: Guilty Pleasure Cougar Edition pt. 2

Hey guys, we’re back with another cougars edition.

Hope you guys enjoy!

EXO “Growl”-Their dance version is just too cute! I wanted to start the playlist off with “Growl” for all sorts of reasons. hehe

B.A.P. “1004 Angel”– One of my favorite songs from these boys. Who doesn’t want their guy to be miserable without them? I’m not sure if it’s my cougar side or my sadist side that made me think that. hehe

BTS “Just One Day”– Because we weren’t able to add it to last weeks, here it is for this week. But I don’t want just one day and night, I want a life time with these guys. hehe

Got7 “Like Oh”–  I know it’s not MV but “Like Oh” is my favorite song from these guys. If only their hearts are “like oh” for me!

Teen Top “Supa Love”– I actually don’t know TeenTop that well but I like this song and what’s better is this MV break down the members. hehe I wonder who has my supa love?

C-Clown “Far Away…Young Love”– Do I need to explain it any farther? The title says it all in so many ways.

Hoped you guys enjoyed the playlist!


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