QT’s Marry, Hug & Kill: Cougar Edition pt.2 – GOT7

Hi guys!  Since there are 2 of us, I wanted to try a MHK Cougar Edition as well and here it is!  This week’s edition is on the hot new group GOT7!  I have to say they are one of my favorite rookie groups this year.

Read on to find out who I would Marry, Hug and Kill.

This one was a toughie as all the members are younger than us.  In order to get in the mood (rawr!), I went back and listened to our previous playlist as well as the new one that T posted earlier.

Mark.  The guy I would marry.  He’s so cute and hot and adorable.  Everything I could ever want in a man.  Plus his dad is great on Twitter.

Jackson.  The guy I would hug.  Why?  Well, cause he’s Jackson.  Is there any other explanation that you need, LoL.

Bam Bam.  The guy I would kill because he’s too cute.  Stop being so cute Bam Bam!

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