K-Pop Star 6 Episode 4

I feel like JYP’s favorite piece of advice is to tell people to relax your shoulders.  Random. Sorry. Anyways, K-Pop Star 6 must really want to produce a group similar to i.o.i because this episode was very girl group heavy.

It’s the ranking round.  If you’re not familiar, the ranking round groups contestants by style or age and the judges rank them.  Everybody can make it through or just one person can make it through.


Click on to find out who are my favorites so far!


Whew, home girl did great!  Okay, maybe I should never, ever use the word home girl (is it one word or two? lol), but you get my point.  She sounded amazing and super cool.  But then again, she was already super cool to begin with ;).

Go Ara

She was really good.  All the judges are right that she would be a great girl group member.  She’s smart and observant and takes overall suggestions (suggestions made to the whole group) and uses it to her advantage.  She knows what she’s lacking and she fixed it without one of the judges REALLY pointing it out for her.

Kim So Hee

First, I want to commend her on not singing an Ariana Grande song.  Second, oh my god, she sang really well.  I don’t know that Tori Kelly song, but now I’m going to look it up.  She sang it beautifully, imo.  Her dance performance was super cool.  She made it look super easy, easy enough for me to do.  But we all know it’s probably the opposite and you have to be super trained to make that style look good.

Kim Yoon Hui

So I wasn’t sure whether or not to mention her, but at the end when she was like ~ke yo~ and I was like UGGGHHH! So good.  And then I kept on getting a few shivers here and there and for a while I thought it was because I was cold.  It wasn’t.  She was just really good and gave me goosies every two seconds.

Yoo Ji Ni

Her voice is so low and so beautiful, speechless.  The only thing that would have made this a performance a perfect 100 is if she had clearly said every word.  She was blending her words together and it sounded like nonsense some of the time, but when she sang the words clearly…beautiful.

Special props to Ma Eun Jin for this wonderful clap back.

8 9 10 11


Alright that’s it from me today!  Look forward to next week’s recap.  While you wait, check out this video:




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