K-Pop Star 6 Episodes 2-3 Mini Recap

I’ve been recapping K-Pop Star since season 3 and I’ve been a fan since season 1.  When I pick my standouts, I pick people who I’m curious about and wonder how far they’ll make it in the season.


Let’s get started!

Chrisha Chu

I think I’m most impressed with her Korean, ngl.  Like I’m super jealous of her language skills.  I also really loved the fact that she sang one of my favorite ballad songs.  Anyways, I can totally see her rock out with other people when the group rounds starts!


Alright, so I debated really hard with myself on whether or not to add Shannon to my list of stand outs.  Yes she’s good, but she’s also a pro singer.  I just think she joined a pretty crappy company and that’s why her career has been flat.  But since she’s a good singer, a really good singer, I added her to the list.  I’m also kind of curious to see how far she’ll make it.

Kim Jang Seob

Yoo Hee Yeol said exactly what I was thinking.  I was ready to be second hand embarrassed for this kid.  I mean the way he was practicing while waiting to the title of his song, I was ready to close my eyes and skip it.  Then he started and I was impressed.  I’m excited to see how far he’ll go and the kinds of performances he’ll have.

Cho Jang Kwan

Ooooh, man.  His voice was so sweet.  And I’ve heard the song that he sang before, but not enough to understand the wittiness of his rendition fully.  But that doesn’t really matter because he sounded good to me.

Baek Sun Nyeon

I like her.  I love girls who can sing with a pretty low voice.  I think its beautiful and raw.  In the middle, I started to have a little doubt just because I kept on thinking, she sings well but will she make it very far.  Will I see her again?  I felt relaxed the whole time listening to her and didn’t feel bored.  I also really liked her watch.

The other half of this episode was the start of the Ranking Round.  I’ll pick that up next week when the next episode airs.

As you wait, check out this video we made!  It’s awesome…and stupid.

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