QT Party: Test Tubes of K-pop Awesomeness!

We’re back with a new segment, QT Party!

This segment includes lots of easy DIY things, K-pop inspired. Our very first QT Party is test tubes of K-pop aswsomeness which includes:

test tubes, letter beads, paper, glitter, water, thread and thin ribbons.


T: threaded letter beads to make “<3 BLOCKB<3ZICO” added water, gold and black glitter.

Q: wrote a few inspiring and funny messages on slips of paper, added glitter, row the slips up and tied it with thin ribbon.

They were very easy and fun to make for any occasion!

If you have any ideas on what we can make new or any request on how to make it K-pop related please comment below!

[youtube:https://youtu.be/_4ubIMw9ZYE%5D [youtube:https://youtu.be/c5vyztn5UFg%5D

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