QT’s K-Pop Playlist: Sappy Sad Songs Edition 2

Fall, a time for sweaters, pretty leaves, seasonal drinks and heart-wrenching ballad songs. There’s no better way to celebrate the coming of fall than to listen to some Korean ballads and cry our eyes out. We all know that Korean ballads have a way of really reaching the heart and make us feel ALL the feels.


Get ready to cry with some of my favorite songs and lyrics

EXO “Promise”

I’ll hug you, I’ll hold your hands / If your heart can be at rest / I’ll give it my all

Jong Hyun “Diphylleia Grayi”

Now that it’s drenched with tears / my obvious mistakes can be seen no longer

Sung Kyu “Only Tears”

I don’t have the ease of being able to give you my heart

Chen “Drunken Truth” (originally by Exhibition)

Whenever I’m in front of you / I say the opposite of what I plan / And I turn around and regret / But now I will confess to you / I have loved you since the beginning

Jung Seung Hwan “I Want to Fall in Love” (originally by Kim Jo Han)

A life like this really seems nice / I’m living a good life but why / Loneliness comes and asks me / Are you really happy at this moment?

Junsu “Yesterday”

You comfort me, when I wanted you to lean on me / Who thought I’d be the one leaning on you?

Baek Ji Young with Song Yubin “Garosugil at Dawn”

I look at your photo several times / I pathetically go through pain / But no one is calling me / On the streets of Garosugil, on my way home late at night

If you enjoyed that and want to listen to more Korean ballads, check out part 1 here.

Or if your in the mood to laugh check out this video

Sappy Sad Songs 2 Playlist
Thanks, Q.

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