T’s Talk of the Music Realm: SHINee

Hey my obsessors!!!!

This weeks hottest talk is Shinee’s 5th mini album: “Everybody.”


Their concept this time is much different from the past, it’s more edgy and masculine but even so they’re still my pretty boys. hehe

They came out promoting “Everybody” which I do like, I can say it’s still within the lines of what we expect from Shinee, but what I love and was surprised about, was Minho singing much more than he normally does, theres not as much rapping coming from him in this album. We finally have a songs that he fully sings in. This time around the boys really showcased their masculinity, they danced through the whole MV, and it was more into the hiphop/B-boy style which really show their growth and versatility.

In this album they have seven new songs and I would say my top two would be, even though I do like “Everybody”, are “Symptoms” and “One Minute Back.” I would categorize these songs as a dance ballets, I feel that Shinee has a bunch of dance ballads/ballads but I just can’t think of them on top of my head, the ones that I can are more of the pop/dance category. So when heard these two songs, I just love them!

I just love our boys harmonies!!! They all compliment each other, mix well together but individually distinct and they show us that they can sing any genres and it will work. Granted that they should stick with pop, dance and ballads. hehe

Tell us what you think!

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