YG’s WIN: Who is Next ep. 6

Today’s format will be a little different since there is a change in the actual format of the show.  Episode 6 marks the start of the real battle!  Stay tuned!


Round 1: Song Battle

Team A performing Taeyang’s “Only Look at Me”.

They did a good job.  Their only goal this time was to show a relaxed, confident Team A.  I think they achieved that job.  Sure it wasn’t exciting and didn’t get the judges on their feet, but isn’t that what reggae music is all about.  Just being chill and relaxed.  All of Team A looked like they were having fun.

Team B performing GD’s “One of a Kind”.

Team B did a good job too.  Jeez, this is super hard for me, because I want to be critical but I just can’t.  Team B puts you in that situation where there’s no need to give them pointers on how to be better.  GD knew that too.  All the tips he gave them were tips concerning their stage performance.  They weren’t pointers on how to exude their charms.

And can I just say Joon-Hwe, can you sing me to sleep every night?  This noona loves you so much right now!  Bring Jin-Hwan too if you want too 😉

As I was watching the performances during the episode, I initially thought that Team B had the better performance.  But then when I watched the performance again, alone, without  the judges reactions, I found that I liked Team A’s performance better.  I found myself grooving along with them and having fun.  But with Team B’s performance, I liked it but it was hard to really get into it.  I felt like there was a lot going on.

Team A dancing to Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”

When I watched it the first time around, truthfully I didn’t really like it.  The song and the dance didn’t match well, and I wasn’t really digging the whole dubsteb part of it.  But then I watched it a second time and it was MUCH better.  It really does help watching performances without the weird editing and shots of Big Bang and 2ne1.  The dance had a lot more consistency and content than I thought it did.  All the members performed it well, they all had appropriate facial expressions.  They could have used more power in their moves, but I’m not one to complain.

Team B dancing to GD’s “That XX” and “Crayon”.

I think they should have either danced to one or the other.  T.O.P. said here was just too much going on during the performance and I agree.  I think they could have done well doing “That XX” by itself and adding more; or, doing “Crayon” probably would have been best because it totes matches their high energy levels.

In conclusion, the final winner was Team B.

My winner: T.O.P.!

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