T’s Talk of the Music Realm: K.Will

Hey my obsessors!!

So I was wondering who else melted while listening to K.Will’s new mini album “Will in Fall”??

Because I sure did!! hehe


K.Will’s voice is so…. the most professional way I can describe it is smooth. (hehe I wouldn’t mind him serenading me). Even though this is obvious, K.Will has so much talent, though his comeback he is also competing with Shinee and IU, he is in a completely different genres than they are. His songs are ballads and his singing can reach into your heart and soul. While he sings, his singing convey  his feeling into his songs.

There’s five new songs in this album and an intro song and I’ll say I love all of them!! It’s just very sad how all the songs are sad love songs…. (which I don’t want him to sing to me hehe).

The two songs that I like the most though would have to be “You Don’t Know Love” and “First Love End” .

“You Don’t Know Love” is more upbeat pop-ish ballad about unintentionally letting out your frustration on your lover and them taking it to heart and wanting to break up. I don’t know what was his intentions were about composing the music the way he did. In my opinion I feel that he choose to make this song upbeat because it’s these small mistakes that gets in-between couples and it gets the worst in them but they still love each other!

“First Love Ends” is such a sad song!!! This song display K.Will’s soul the most and his singing just makes you heart feels so heavy. Everyone knows the sweet moments and memories of their first love… and the bitterness of when it ends. The pain and agony of losing a bit of your heart and soul in a blink of an eye, that up till then you have aways had, now gone and never to be found. The moment where crying your eyes out don’t make you feel any better. This song has so much feelings that makes you imagine K.Will in a verge of tears in front of you.

Tell us what you think!

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