YG’s WIN: Who is Next Ep. 7

So I know that the finale was aired already…but I’m not going to spoil it for those who are following these recaps.  Episode 7 features THE EPIC second round.

*If you turn on  the CC there are subs 🙂

The episode starts off with Team A and B being invited to dance with G-Dragon’s comeback stage of “Crooked”.  On a side note, I absolutely love this song.  Anyways, each team chooses one person to dance a solo part with him.  Team A goes with Lee Seung-Hoon and Team B goes with Joon-Hwe because he can match their height, lol.  Joon-Hwe has a little trouble following along with the dance and is switched out with B.I.  Poor baby, but he takes it like a champion *double thumbs-up*.

Min-Ho injures himself during practice and is forced to not participate in the actual performance.

Next both teams have meeting with Papa YG.  He gives them their mission song; Team A is to perform “Officially Missing you”, while Team B will perform Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.


Because of Min-Ho’s recent injury, YG decides to make Seung-Yoon leader.  Min-Ho’s a little devastated, but he is quick to adjust to Seung-Yoon and agrees to all his decisions.

On the other hand, Team B goes on a trip provided by Yoon-Hyung.  This sweetie is making my heart melt.  He felt that our three musketeers have done so much that he’s treating them to food at his parent’s restaurant.  It’s a surprise to all but him and when they find out they’re like kids in a candy shop.

After eating their food, Yoon-Hyung brings out a cake and the other 3 members read their letters.  And tears fall out non stop.  Yoon-Hyung writes a letter to Jin-Hwan, Dong-Hyuk writes a letter to B.I., and we assume Joon-Hwe writes a letter to Bobby (which they don’t show and we should demand the PD’s to release it as a BTS cut, NOW!).ImageImage

It’s the day before the second round starts, Team A seems to have everything together including their self-composed song.  They definitely seem much more relaxed this time around.

Team B on the other hand were told to rewrite their lyrics for their self-composed song.  So, they spend all night fixing lyrics and touching up their performances.  Because of this, they don’t leave until super late.

On the other hand Team A heads home feeling good and lighthearted.  It’s also Jin-Woo’s birthday. The members surprise him with a pile of chocopies and a butt-load of candles.


The one thing that all the members wish for is to win round two.  It would be especially great since it would be on Jin-Woo’s birthday.

Round 2 starts with the judges being YG, JYP, and Lee Hyun-Do (a judge on “Show me the money”).


And the competition starts.


I know they performed their first songs on this episode, but I wanted to keep all the performance on one blog post.  So my reaction to their performances will be featured next week, so stay tuned 🙂

All I want to say is that I’m definitely not a big fan of Lee Hyun-Do’s judging skills.


What did you guys think about the leader switch in Team A?  Did you think it was a right decision to switch or do you think they should have kept it they way it was?  Let me know in the comments below!

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