unTouchable Ch 6-10 Reactions

And I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

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Ok, last time we just covered the first 6 chapters and we found out that our protagonist SiA is a modern vampire. Meaning she doesn’t go around sucking human blood but instead needing human touch for at least 15 minutes.

SiA runs away from home in the country to the big city so that she can “live to eat” and not “eat to live.” So now that she’s in the big city and became an up and coming model.

When she finally arrived, she touched Jiho Shin, who has the most pure and delicious life energy she has ever tasted! But because of an accident of her touching his, uh private area, he mistakes her as his stalker. Haha.

Because this is a manhwa, our SiA just moved into her new apartment which her neighbor is the one and only, Jiho. After a few bickering fights and some drama, SiA, not able to forget about Jiho’s delicious life energy, finds herself in front of Jiho’s apartment drunk.

After asking Jiho why she can’t forget about him, she passes out. And that’s where we left off, while Jiho reluctantly dragged SiA into his apartment.

Ch 6. 

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