T’s Talk of the Music Realm: #tbt

Hey my obsessors, people have asked me in the past about when I started to listen to k-pop and I would have to say it was 5 years ago with 2PM with their first song 10 Out of 10. What got my attention at first though was when they were on the Idol Army Show and I became a fan since. hehe

But I can’t say they were my first korean artists that I known of, that would be Se7en and Rain. teehee

Seven with his song Passion and Rain with his song It’s Raining.

Do you guys see a trend on the type of music I like to listen too??? teeheehee

I knew about Boa but the first song I heard from her was actually a Japanese song….I can’t remember which one it was though.

truth be told I was into J-pop and J-rock way before K-pop. heehee

I promise next week will be about a recent album/single/song. Look forward to it~

Tell us what you think!

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