QT GT Elephant Nose Spinny Games

Yeah, I totally forgot that both T’s get motion sick really easily so this turned out to be a blast.

We played a quick game for you guys today! Basically, we took the elephant nose spin technique to test our personal equilibrium (?). The first game we played was kind of like a sober test thing. We spun 10 times and then tried to walk in a straight line, that was already marked. The person who made it to the end the fastest and the most accurate would win the top place in our bracket (of three) for the next game.

The second game we played was a race against each other. Once again we spun 10 times and then raced from one end to the room to the other with the fastest person winning.

So yeah, it was totally fun. At least for me (Q), hahahaha!

If you enjoyed that, please do check out our “dance” reaction to Taemin’s new album 🙂

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