K-Pop Star 5 Episode 16

Last week the B group performed, this week the A group will sing in order to avoid being the the bottom 4.

ep 16

Woo Ye Rin is the new dark horse of this competition. She rocked it with her jazzy version of the song she sang. She was so relaxed and sounded so good. I could have done without all the weird hand gestures, but her voice was there to distract me from it. And when she started to scat, I was like, Girl! What! She’s definitely winning hearts. You know what’s great about her is that she brings something different every week without changing her style. She’s awesome!

First, I loved Lee Soo Jung’s dress. Second, her hair looks great. I don’t know, for me, it’s hard to forget her last performance and so I’m comparing this performance to the that one. I definitely think that her last one was better than this one. While this performance was cool it was just a bit awkward. But her Korean sounded a lot more smoother. I think what she might need is a little more guidance.

My bae, Jung Jin Woo, is trying to make me jealous by being the only guy in the competition. This performance just made me smile. He looked like he had so much during the performance. He was moving around the stage and grooving to the beat. I just luffffff him.

Sophie Han needs to be in a girl group. Or she needs like one more person to feed off of her energy and add more to the performance. If that makes any sense. I feel like she has a lot of energy and charisma, but I wonder why it’s not really connecting with the audience. I mean, I did really like the remix and the way she sang it but I don’t really get it like I did with the original.

Awww, Yoo Jay was not in her best condition. She started really well but then when it started to get to the high notes you can tell when her throat started to hurt. Even after the song, you can hear that her throat wasn’t in the best of shape. I feel like if she wasn’t so worried about her throat and worried about not doing well, then she would have knocked the song out of the park.

Woo Ye Rin gets first place, followed by Lee Soo Jung and Jung Jin Woo. This leaves Sophie Han and Yoo Jay up for elimination. With 42 votes, Lee Si Eun makes it to top 8. This makes me happy. I really hope that she finds her voice and her emotions. And then with 40 votes, Yoo Jay rounds out the rest of the top 8. Which leaves Joo Mi Yeon and Sophie Han leaving the competition.

Tune in next week! It looks like the judges are going to start casting again. While you wait, watch this video

or watch us jam to Taemin’s new album

Thanks, Q.



  1. MM · March 8, 2016

    As always, thanks for the interesting posts and crazy videos.
    I Agree with you that it’s hard for LSJ to top her last performance. Until episode 16, She’d been able to improve and meet or exceed the ever increasing expectations with each new performance, but that gets harder to do once you’ve reached her current level. I’ve listened to her latest performance often over the last few days think it was still very good. After showing that she can sing well in Korean, I think that LSJ might be best served by returning to soulful R&B songs in English for the rest of the performances. I also think that, because she has a history of collaborating well with a variety of other musicians and producers in both Chicago and now Korea, LSJ would do well with any of the three judges/mentors. I think that some of the other contestants might have some difficulty coping with a change. From the preview, it appears that JYP will be her new coach/mentor. I’m sure he will be highly motivated to show what he can do with LSJ.

    • qtkpop · March 10, 2016

      I agree, I’m pretty sure whoever mentors LSJ she’ll do great!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. MM · March 13, 2016

    After watching episode 17, I can only conclude that LSJ does not have sufficient raw talent and/or it-factor to be a professional singer/song writer–in South Korea or the U.S. It’s time for her to go back to Chicago, finish grad school, and get a job as an anaplastologist. Her music will have to be her hobby rather than her profession. I so wish I was wrong, but things are what they are.
    QT: What do you think?

    • qtkpop · March 30, 2016

      Hi! Sorry this comment is super late, I only just had time to watch episode 17 yesterday. I’m soooo behind!!

      I don’t think that she’s lacking in raw talent. I think it might be more that she’s at her limit…or maybe she’s not quite sure what to do next. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt, you never know what could happen (okay well maybe you might know now because you’ve probably watched the episodes lol). But I don’t see why she can’t try to be a singer in the South Korea. She picks up on things pretty quickly and I feel like her pronunciation is getting better and better. With the right guidance, I’m pretty sure she’ll do great things!

      As always, thanks for commenting. I love discussing k-pop star with you 🙂

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