QT K-pop Playlist: Have to Dance Songs Edition

Q’s back with another super awesome playlist.  Why is this playlist awesome?  Well, we have 6 awesome songs that you can’t help but dance to.  Whether you want to go ham on these songs or not, it’s up to you; but you know once the song comes on, you can’t help but to start dancing along with your favorite idols.

Read on to find out why I picked these songs…

Girls’ Generation “Gee” –  I was hanging out with some friends and we were having a small music party.  They were playing your regular American songs, but then I heard the little bells at the beginning of this song and my aegyo turned on.  Not a pretty sight, but nevertheless no one can beat my crab leg dance.

Big Bang “Fantastic Baby”- Now at this same party, “Fantastic Baby” played.  This is my go-all-out-because-I-don’t-care song.  Now together, I wanna dance dance dance dance dance. WOW FANTASTIC BABY!

Block B “Nalina”- Advanced Congo Line that is not for the faintest of hearts.

B.A.P. “No Mercy”- If you want a waist/butt workout, this is THE song.  No mercy, baby, no mercy.

Sistar “Alone”- As true as this song is to my life, I can’t help but feel extremely sexy when I dance along to this song.  Yes, my legs are just as sexy as theirs when I move around like that.  Sike!  But I still feel very sexy when dancing along.

Beast “Good Luck”- My current jam.  When it hits that chorus, I automatically make the “V” sign and continue with what I’m doing (or I might just go ham).

What are some of your favorite songs to dance to?


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