QT K-pop Playlist: The Feels When You’re with Her

I don’t know about you guys but I know so many people who are getting married or got married around this time of year. So I just wanted to help the guys out there to sway your love one just a bit more.

I actually had a hard time figuring out which songs would be best and would make the perfect song for that perfect moment. I ended up choosing songs I personally like and can feel the love oozing out of.

4Men- “Propose Song:” I had to start with 4Men “Propose Song,” how can I not? The title it self says it all.

Lee Seung Gi- “Will You Marry Me:” With his face, personality, voice and song I would say “yes” in a heart beat.

K.Will- “Marry Me:” His voice makes me melt. The lyrics have all the love and care he has for you.

Clazziquai Project- “She Is:” I first heard this song on Full House and just fell in love with it. “She’s the girl…She’s the one.”

Kim Dong Ryul- “Like a Child:” Urg the feels. Enough said.

Jang Wooyoung- “This is Love:” He’s such a cutie. When you finally figured it out. “Oh, this is love.”

The feels right now, The Feels!


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