QT Marry, Hug & Kill: Solo Singer Challenge Edition

Hi guys! So this week, I decided that I needed a little bit more of a challenge when it came to MHK. I asked T to give me a list of exactly 3 solo singers to pick. And not going to lie, it was kind of hard. Watch the videos below to find out who I had to pick from!

The choices were Jay Park, Lee Seung Gi, and Rain (Bi). Let me tell you, this was a hard one because I love every single one of them. But unfortunately, I had to make the choice.

I would Marry Lee Seung Gi. Well because he’s Lee Seung Gi. He’s so sweet and adorable. I feel like he would make the perfect dad.

I would Hug Rain, because he’s hot. Nuff said, lol.

I would Kill Jay Park. This was hard because I absolutely love Jay Park. I mean he was my bias since his 2PM days. It was so hard to make this decision, but it all came down to the tattoos he had. Sorry, hun.

Tell us what you think!

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