T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Got7

Hi obsessors

This weeks ear candy would have to be Got7.



Their new mini album GOT♡ (Got Love) have five new songs and three remix versions of “A.”

GOT♡ have a pop, dance type of genre to it but very different from their debuting album Got it?. It have a more R&B, smooth feel to them even though its still pop. I would say this album as a whole have an endearing feel to it.

Surprisingly I like every other songs more than their performing song “A.”

“A” has this cute vibe and showcase the aegyo side of the boys but I really don’t care for the choero and the song period.

I really enjoy “Good Night” and “Forever Young.”

They both have a very calm, smooth confident feel to them. After their first album Got it? being really hyped, the music coming across strong. This album isn’t chasing Got it? success but having its own flare and showcasing the boys R&B and pop talents more.

I fell in love with “Forever Young” after the first listen, I guess you can say it’s because I’m relating to it more in where I’m standing right now in my life.

If you haven’t seen “A” MV yet, here you go.

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