GIFs Galore: Dancing 9 Episode 1

Yo, yo, yo!  Are you guys ready to get your groove on? I’m back and ready to dance with season 2 of the show Dancing 9.  I’m new to the show, so I figured the best the way of recapping this show was to do it in GIFs.  I mean who doesn’t like GIFs, right?  Who doesn’t like DANCING GIFs?

dancing 9

Shall we get started?


Dancing 9 is a global talent search of the world’s best dancers.  These dancers go and show off their talents in hopes of either joining the Red Wings Team or the Blue Eyes team.  The final winner in the end wins a 500,000,000 WON prize and a Gala Show.


Each team is comprised of a Street Dance Master, Sports Dance Master, K-Pop Dance Master, and a Director Master (which in this case is just Kim Soo Ro).

Jay Park (Park Jae Bum) has been recruited for this season to be on the Blue Eye team and is an eye candy to all.


If a dancer catches the competing team’s eyes, they have a nine count to quickly choose that dancer to join their team.  So you really need magic hands if you want to get the dancer you want.


Enough about the judges, let’s meet some of the contestants.  In the first episode there were a few standouts and clear failures.  Here are some of  my favorites:

Lee Ho Joon aka The Guy with the Curtain on his Back

I know it was some kind of concept that only women usually do, but somehow he made it work.

curtain-1curtain-2 curtain-3 curtain-4

Work that curtain!  Fly like a bird!  Reach for the stars!

Lee Yoon Ji aka Why did you dress up like Pippi Longstocking?

In all seriousness, she was paired to compete against some chick who danced to 4Minute’s “What are you doing today?” (who by the way didn’t get chosen at all).  Lee Yoon Ji blew the judges away with her powerful moves and animatic facial expressions.

pippi-2 pippi-1

Seo Il Young aka The Bald Dude

He was surprise too.  For me he started really well and then it got a little creepy towards the end.  But he’s definitely talented.

bald-guy-1 bald-guy-2 bald-guy-3 bald-guy-4

Choi Soo Jin aka The Female Dancer

Yeah, I’m sorry I couldn’t think of a better name.  Anyways, Choi Soo Jin is a professional dancer having a record here in the US.  She auditioned for the show SYTYCD, but didn’t get too far.  Now she’s here.  Her dancing was pretty, I just really liked the outfit that she wore.

dance-chick-1 dance-chick-2 dance-chick-3


Kim Tae Hyun aka The Super Cute Krumper

Man, this boy was going all ham on the judges.  He had a lot of sweet moves, GIF worthy moves.

krump-guy-1 krump-guy-3 krump-guy-4krump-guy-5


But not everyone can be good…


His reaction doe…


And this was my reaction…


Let’s move on to some better dancers shall we, lol.

Seo Sang Won aka The Guy who Made a Slight Mistake but you can’t really tell that he did

I feel like that’s a sign of a good dancer.  Being able to get over it and smooth it over.  It also helps that he has skills 🙂

the-one-guy-4 the-one-guy-3 the-one-guy-2 the-one-guy

I bet you couldn’t even tell me where he made the mistake at.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: K-Tigers

There was so much for me to GIF.  I literally just GIFed the whole performance.

k-tigers-1 k-tigers-2 k-tigers-3 k-tigers-4 k-tigers-5 k-tigers-6 k-tigers-7 k-tigers-8 k-tigers-9 k-tigers-10 k-tigers-11 k-tigers-12 k-tigers-13 k-tigers-14 k-tigers-15 k-tigers-16

And this was me after every single friggin’ flip they did…


I guess you could just practically watch the performance here.

I hoped you guys enjoyed that.  Look forward to episode 2!

Thanks, Q.



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