T’s Talk of the Music Realm: B.A.P

Hello my obsessors,

This weeks eat candy is B.A.P first album “First Sensibility.”



In all truthfulness I don’t know B.A.P’s boys that well, I have all their songs but I never actually took the time to fan girl about them individually though. But after listening to their first album, I actually might consider.

In the past B.A.P  seem to be competing with Block B with the hip hop, rock and roll genre. So that they’ll be able to compare with others and stick out. But I really like this album it show case these boys range very well; it has hip-hop, rock and roll, R&B and ballad songs. It makes you want to dance, sing along, sway to the music and jump around.

This album has 13 new songs including the intro song and I love them! I would say my top five songs would be “1004/Angel,” “Easy,” “Bang X2,” “Save Me” and “With You.” If you noticed those songs are some of the few that are R&B/pop/ballads songs and a rock and roll song.

My reasons for choosing those five songs wasn’t because I just liked them more it was because after listening to the album for a full day those five songs were the ones that caught my attention the most. Because I don’t understand what they’re saying, I’m depending on the rhythm, beat, tempo and their singing to see if I like the song or not.

For those who haven’t seen the MV for “1004/Angel” yet, here you go.

I really do like this song, it’s catchy and when you watch the MV you can really see and feel the pain the boys are reenacting for us. I also really like the choreo to this song, it’s intense! I’m happy they used this song for their promotions because it is different to the ones they used in the past, it’s a good change. When listening to the album I can really tell they have matured these past two years.

Tell us what you think!

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