K-Pop Star 3: Round 4 Casting Episodes 10-11

Alright guys, this is one of my favorite parts in K-Pop star: casting rounds!  So, for those of you who are new to the show, casting rounds are when the judges pick 6 individuals/groups to take them back to their company and train them.  Contestants originally perform and groups, and JYP, YG and YHY can decide whether to take the whole group or just take one person.  With this being YHY’s first time, he makes some smart moves and interesting choices.


In this recap I’m going to give you some of my fave performances and then tell you who made it to the next round.  Enjoy!

비상 (Emergency) – Yao Weitao and Peter Han

I believe there’s another meaning to their name, but I think the fact that they named themselves “Emergency” is hilarious.  Peter Han, from Austria, and Yao Weitao, from China, are known as the good looking group who are rooming together.  And can I say that I love this pair.  They are too cute for words.  In fact a lot of the contestants are extremely cute.  Yao had to go back to China for awhile and Peter was sick; and because of that we get to see this:


Yao cooking spaghetti for Peter; Peter looking on as Yao cooks.


I lurve them together!  I forgot that Yao Weitao is a professional chef.  Anyways, back to the performance, they performed “Can’t Take My Eyes of You” and they were quite sexy when they sang it.


Their harmonies were amazing and it was lovely.  Ya’ll should know how much I love my harmonies by now.  When Yao started to sing at the beginning, my heart melted.  He can cook, sing, and he’s good looking.  Marry me, now please.  We can learn Korean together.

R Family – Almeng + Brody


When the judges rearranged the groups, they knew that Almeng wanted to go into producing so they gave them the most difficult challenge they had and it was Brody.  And you can see it in their eyes, that they were screwed.  Not just because of the language barrier, but truthfully Brody isn’t well versed in musical terms.


But they did an awesome job!  They had a cute concept (family, hence the name) and it was emotional.  Brody sounded so good and the judges especially liked her acting throughout the song.

Did anybody else find YG’s daughter singing so cute?  He really is a fool for his daughter.

BnS – Bernard Park and Sam Kim

After losing their member from EQ, the two found themselves in a group together.  They found it a lot more difficult to practice together because Sam relied on Ki Rin’s piano skills to match his guitar skills as Sam only plays by ear.  Also, Ki Rin was the one who helped them with their pronunciation which the duo found was the most difficult part.  They decided to sing 2ne1’s “It Hurts” and slowed it down.  In my opinion, it’s already a slow song, but whatever they worked it.


And can we take a moment to appreciate Bernard and his cardigans.


Casting Results are as followed:


  • Jjari Mong Dang
  • Jung Ha Na
  • 2 Minutes (w/Abigail Kim)
  • Han Hee Jun
  • Lee Chae Young
  • Bae Min Ah


  • Yao Weitao
  • Chae Sisters
  • Brody
  • Almeng
  • Bernard Park
  • Nam Yang Joo


  • Peter Han
  • Something
  • Kwon Jin Ae
  • Sam Kim
  • Hong Jung Hui
  • Heo Eun Yool (she was eliminated but brought back when YHY had an extra card. YAY!)

The judges decided to have a small battle between the companies.  Just like when JYP and YG have a battle between groups.  Each company was to pick their ace.  JYP chose Bernard Park, YG chose Jjari Mong Ddang, and YHY chose Hong Jung Hui.  In the end Bernard Park got first and Hong Jung Hui was last as they commented that she needed to be in Antenna in order to really find herself and the style of music she wants to do.

Bernard Park singing Stevie Wonder’s “Lately” beautifully~

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