T’s Talk of the Music realm: GOT7

Hello my obsessors,

This weeks talent is GOT7!!!



Their very first mini album is “Got it?” with six songs for our pleasure, with their debuting song “Girls Girls Girls” which is a pop dance genre song. My first impression of the song was that it’s cute and catchy but a bit annoying. I think it’s because they just debuted and complete rookies that they have such an arrogate aura about them. But I guess that’s something they must have because they just debuted and rookies.

After listening to the whole album,I totally fell in love with them. My top song of the album must be “Like Oh” I just love it! Im more attracted to the bridge and chorus of the song. And it might be the subliminal message with the lady’s voice singing “I love it” in the background. hehe But in all serious the song is cute!

Im looking forward to see these boys grow, and how far they can go. Lets anticipate something great from these guys!


Tell us what you think!

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