Man, it has been a month since we went, but I finally finished this vlog series. Granted it was really short and I admit I am a fine procrastinator. BUT, what really matters is that I got it done 🙂

Enjoy our silliness and overall, our stupidity!

***For the first 3 videos, you might want to put on headphones or turn the volume ALL the way up. Sorry!***

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QT Epik Vlog So High In NYC Part 4: The Epilogue

Soooo Q here with a super short blog and update and a long, overdue video. I’m was overseas, so our blog was on a semi-hiatus, but I’m back now and ready to get back in the game!

Well, here’s that long overdue video (actually I have many that are in line to be edited -_- sorry): Epik Vlog so High The Epilogue.



Epik Vlog So High in NYC: Super Tourists

It was finally Friday and we had most of the day planned out already. We headed out to NYC around 10 am, got there around 11:30, headed to Chinatown, then Little Italy and finally our Harbor Light Cruise with Circle Line Cruise at 7 pm. Then whatever happens in between was up to us and whatever we felt like doing. It is just our luck that our plans sometimes follow through but not in the way we thought it would.

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