K-Pop Star 5 Episode 8

Team Survival Mission time!

kpop star first pic for ep 8

For those of you guys who are new to the show, the team survival mission round is when teams compete against each other. The winner of each round makes it to the next round, while the losing team has to have at least one person eliminated.

Lim Ha Eun, Park Ka Kyung, Kim Chae Ran vs. Woo Ye Rim, Han Ji Hyung

Lim Ha Eun’s group killed it with their performance above. They sang beautifully and were so energetic on stage, I loved it! On the other hand Woo Ye Rim and Han Ji Hyung sang Sunmi’s “Full Moon”, it was good and they sang well, their performance was kind of boring. They claimed it to be sexy, but I could probably pulled of sexy more than them. Lol, jk jk. But, really it was missing something. In the end, they lost and Han Ji Hyung (the girl in the hat) was eliminated.

Seo Kyung Duk, Kim Young Eun vs. Brody, Ryeo Wee Wee (I’m not sure if this is correct or not)

*squeeling like no other* Seo Kyung Duk’s and Kim Young Eun’s intro was cute. Seo Kyung Duk’s super manly in my eyes now and no longer a fluffy bear. Anyways, you can tell their chemistry improved a lot more as they won against Brody and Ryeo Wee Wee. The girl duo sang “Sway” by Michael Buble. They were good but I totally agree with the judges with their choice. Brody was eliminated. I think in K-Pop Star 3, this is time she was eliminated as well. I think with Brody, you can definitely tell when she’s nervous and it just seemed like she was always nervous. Which is a shame because she’s actually a really good singer.

Yoo Jay, Yoo Yoon Ji vs. Joo Mi Yeon, Lee Si Eun

So, we don’t know who gets eliminated just yet. Cliffhanger. Both teams performed very well and looking at the previews, it looks like they won’t eliminate anyone. In my opinion, I liked Joo Mi Yeon and Lee Si Eun’s performance more. I feel like I’ve heard Yoo Jay’s and Yoo Yoon Ji’s voices before, but Joo Mi Yeon’s voice is something new to me. Definitely a dark horse in this competition.

Well that’s it for this episode. Stay tuned to find out who gets (might be?) eliminated next week. Check out some of our crazy videos here.

Thanks, Q.


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