1. Seventeen

Originally, I wasn’t going to pay attention to Seventeen at all. Mostly because, well, they’re younger than me. But I took a chance and watched, not their original music video but one of their dance versions for “Adore U”. You know the one where they’re on the beach and they switched roles. Yeah, that one. After one video, I clicked on another video and then another and now here I am. Back to my main point, these boys are seriously talented and had solid song releases. I’m really excited to see what they’re going to release this coming year.

2. Lovelyz

I don’t know. Something about these girls catches my eye. Once again, I think they’re super talented and they’ve released pretty good songs. I just think they need a little something to separate themselves from Twice and GFriend. Concept wise, they have a similar concept to GFriend. I feel like they need to stick what they’re comfortable with but change it a bit.


I am sooo excited for their comeback! My body is ready. Okay, that’s so unlike me but seriously, after watching their music video teaser I’m just really excited for it. Someone teach me more words to use.

4. Day6

So does anyone want to sent me to Orlando to go see Day6 live and play at Universal Studios all day? I’ll pay for Universal myself, I just need a way down there. Seriously though, I freakin’ love their album! It was so on point and made me feel feels I didn’t even know I had. Is that even possible? And I’m so OBSESSED with Sungjin’s voice.

5. Mamamoo

After watching their performances on the Gayo Daejun(s), I am a fan. Someone comment some shows (preferably subbed, int’l fan probs lol) to get me more into this group! Plus, these girls have some major singing talent and stage presence. Can we just be best friends right now?

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Thanks, Q.





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