K-Pop Star 5 Episode 2: Who to Look Forward to Part 2

That is too many “to-s” in that title. Haha, anyways, welcome back! K-Pop Star 5 is starting to shape up to be a pretty awesome season with some undeniable talent and some harsh judging (which I definitely appreciate it).


Read on to find out who caught my eyes this episode

Son Ji Yeon


Son Ji Yeon sang a beautiful Lee Sora song (sorry guys I forgot to write down the song title). Her backstory is that she was bullied in middle school and used music to gain confidence. Now she wants to share her story and wants to sing in order to do this. She sang her song really well but JYP noted that she sounds super old even though she’s only in high school. I’m curious to see what side or, I guess, what singing style she’s going to show in the next  round, because she’s really good and has a beautiful voice. I guess all it needs now is that personality.

Lee Hyu Rim

JYP said that there’s something missing with her voice and I agree. The main reason why I put her on the list is because I’m curious to see how she’s going to set herself apart from her sister, Lee Hi. I don’t hate her voice or anything, I think she has a nice voice. Lee Hi made it to where she is now because she has that uniqueness that her sister needs to find.

Yoo Jay


Leonia, NJ. How the hell did you guys end up with super talented people living in your town? Lol. In my opinion, based of off this performance alone, she’s still kind of new to this thing so I’m not sure how she’ll fare in the competition. She’s a really good singer but you could totally tell that she was super nervous. The preview for next week’s episode has me really excited for her performance in general. I’m staying super optimistic on this girl.

Park Min Ji


Everyone loved her audition. The judges and the side panel judges. I thought she was just a bit above average. Harsh, I know. I guess she’s on this list, for me, because I’m waiting to see how good she really is. I want to see what the judges saw.

Most of these performances weren’t uploaded onto the official K-Pop Star YouTube channel (which sucks!). Hopefully later on they will be 🙂 Who was your favorite this episode? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by! If you have time, please watch this video (I swear it’ll be worth it)

or if that’s not your cup of tea, try this one!

Thanks, Q.



  1. mistonthemeadow · December 3, 2015

    Haha I swear you definitely are crazy xp but that’s totally fine 😉
    I don’t follow K-pop star, because I’m not really into these kind of shows I think, but I love your post!! ^^ so maybe I’ll check out some of their auditions after all ^^ keep up the good work

    • qtkpop · December 3, 2015

      Haha! Thanks, I’ll definitely take that as a compliment 😁

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