My Top 5 Favorite K-pop Dances Ever

These are some my favorite k-pop dances ever.

onew fail break dance

Dancing Party Time!

Infinite “Before the Dawn”

BTS “Dope”

VIXX “Hyde”

EXO “Dubstep”

SHINee “Dream Girl”

Bonus: Manager Ver.

You’re welcome.

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Thanks, Q.



  1. mistonthemeadow · November 20, 2015

    Cool! I really like the dance of Dope as well…
    But generally I prefer the choreo’s of some older songs more 🙂

    • qtkpop · November 20, 2015

      Same! It was really hard to pick lol. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      • mistonthemeadow · November 20, 2015

        You’s welcome 🙂 like the post a lot!

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