Top 5 Moments In National Idol Singing Contest

Ah, Chuseok, definitely one of my favorite times of the year for k-pop. Especially, for variety shows. Last year (or was it earlier this year), KBS brought back Star Golden Bell. This Chuseok, KBS parodied one of its most loved show, National Singing Contest.

Idols auditioned and performed songs that entertained a panel of judges for some typical Chuseok prizes. I gotta say, this has to be one of my favorite Chuseok specials I’ve seen. I mean, look at this gif!

btob natl idol singing contest

Read on to find out my top 5 moments from the National Idol Singing Contest Chuseok Special!

1. B1A4 and their remix.


Right off the bat, you knew it was going to be funny just from Baro’s face before he even entered the room. Baro and Sandeul sang an old song with an awesome remix build up the hype. They even brought out LED glasses to match with their adorable little hanboks, hilarious. If they only had brought out the sprout dance, it would have made it 5 billion times better!

2. Nine Muses and Euaerin’s Jessie.


Omg, her impersonation was spot on. Her dance, later on, was spot on. Do we have another variety gem in our midst?

3. BtoB and well…everything about their performance.


So BtoB’s Eunkwang and Changsub competed as silver and gold…things, complete with axes, an awesome comedy sketch (with an appearance from Hyung Sik and Peniel), and slayed a ballad song. A BALLAD SONG! In those outfits, like what?! That’s what I love about BtoB. They’re so good at what they do and they always seem to have a great time at whatever they’re doing. If you’re here for my commentary only (which I doubt) and not going to watch any videos, I would strongly suggest to watch this whole thing or at least from 2:45.

4. Amber and a dress and long hair.


Surprised? Yeah so was I, lol. But hey, Amber sounded great and if you’ve seen the original version of this song, you’ll know that she did it justice. And yes, the song and visuals and choreography are that crazy. Amber’s slippers completed her whole outfit (resisting the urge to follow a stupid meme trend). The addition of comedienne Ahn Young Mi was awesome, especially when her wig fell off.

5. Jackson and Bam Bam and Kangnam.


‘Nuff said. Oh Jackson, would my life be any better without you in my life? The answer is no. You can never go wrong with sassy Jackson. Jackson as a boy is funny, but Jackson as a girl is HILARIOUS! Lol-ing forever at Jackson apologizing to his mom. His excuse: I’m still young, so I can do these things.



On the actual day of the performance he performed Psy’s “Gangnam Style” with, well, Kangnam. So basically you have 2 foreigners, dressed as girls, singing Gangnam Style on a Korean Chuseok special and rockin’ it. They definitely deserved the win at the end of the show.

sassy jackson

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, my top 5 moments from the National Idol Singing Contest Chuseok Special. What was your favorite performance? Mine is a tie between Jackson’s and BtoB’s.

If you enjoyed this or GOT7, make your way over to this article to see some of my favorite parts from GOT7’s newest MV. Or if your too lazy to click on the link, just watch this video of T and I being silly.


Thanks, Q.



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