Q here and I am absolutely in LOVE with Got7’s new song, look, concept, just everything. I loved “Just Right”  too, but this song, man, is just freakin’ awesome! I thought that Lily M’s voice cameo (I think it’s her) fit the song so well. And is it just me, or do the Got7 boys look hotter when they’re heartbroken and angry? Someone needs to get me a fan right now cause it’s getting really hot right now on the late September evening.

While the music video was pretty cliche, everything just worked well together. The song, theme, colors, the boys’ facial expressions made it one of my favorite comebacks by them by far. Including Bam Bam’s hair flip.


Click on to watch GIFS of some of my favorite parts of the mv


Nooo~~ Jr.don’t tell me it’s over!


Confused and angry Jackson is pretty hot.


I absolutely love the transition from Jackson to Yugyeom. I also like the fact that I can spot Jackson’s legs after he falls. Weird, I know.


Whew! Look at all this fancy footwork going on. It reminds me of Beast’s “Fiction” but on steroids.


*points back*


Sassy Mark is the best.


Oh hi Mar- BAM! It’s Bam Bam.


I absolutely loved this part of the dance and how the edited in the music video.

But what’s more important is how HOT Mark looks!


Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, some of my favorite parts in Got7’s “If You Do” music video. If liked it, please do share with your bffs or with the finger twirlers in your life.

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