King of Masked Singer Episode 9 Mini-Recap

All I have to say is that this week’s episode is full of surprises. The people who were unmasked today, most them stumped me and the panel alike. Oh, and this happened too!

preview_baldClick on to find out how that happened

**Indicates English names are made up by me. Real names will be put in Korean

Round 1: **Confused Elephant (Real Name: 모기향) vs. Master Key


The dude’s mask name isn’t really Confused Elephant, but doesn’t it look like he forget where to put the trunk, lol. Anyways, they performed a solid, soulful performance of 그 날들 by Kim Kwang Suk. When the dude started singing he kind of sounded like Sandeul to me. But of course he couldn’t be him because he was already on the show and he was on the panel. Sandeul guessed Dongwoon from Beast, but, nah, he’s  a good singer but not that good. But then again I’ve been proven wrong on this show plenty of times.


Unfortunately, Master Key lost and was revealed to be actress Kim Seul Gi. If you don’t know her, you should. She debuted with SNL Korea and moved on to dramas and movies, most notably one of my fave movies of all time, Miss Granny. What I didn’t know was that she she majored in musical theater in college and that’s why she could sing really well. Props to her!

kim seul ki

Round 2: Romantic Pair of Diamonds vs. Fanning a Fire


I knew right off the bat that both singers were either Idols or actors. The panel noted that they both seem like they’ve trained a lot, but really had no idea who they were. The Old Music Guy on the far left (I should really learn his name) said that it could only be Kim Wan Sun because of the way she pronounced her words. Sandeul guessed that the Diamond guy is BTOB’s Eunkwang, while Kim Gu Ra argued that there is no way because Sung Jae was just on an episode. They bet, if it is Eunkwang then Kim Gu Ra has to wear a wig, if not then Sandeul has to wear a wig.


We find out that Fanning a Fire is Miss A’s Min, a total surprise! One guy thought it was Miss A’s Fei, so close. Lizzy guessed that it was her when her baby picture was shown saying that it had a foreign feel. She’s most known for her dancing, I mean she was popping when the panel asked her to dance, that we forget that she can sing very well.

miss a min

Round 3: Love and Passion vs. Mystery Bride


Lol, what was with the rose? Lucky girl though. Truthfully, in my opinion, the performance was a little boring. The panel noted, though, that they sounded really good together. Before they revealed the winner, Kim Gu Ra, Ji Sang Ryul, and one other dude guessed who they thought the guy was and if they guessed wrong they would wear a wig for the remainder of the show.


Unfortunately for them, Love and Passion lost and it was someone who wasn’t even named. He turned out to be actor An Jae Mo, who was a popular actor way back when. In the end, all three of them had to wear a wig. Congratulations! You may have lost, but you’ve become the real MVP, lol.

bald 2

Round 4: **2AM Changmin 2.0 (RN:날벼락) vs. 1+1


Whoo. It’s about time this episode got a little more exciting, performance wise at least. Power vocal vs. power vocal. Once again, Twitter spoiled the winners for me and I kept on looking for this one person and found them in this round. Anyways, this was definitely my favorite performance of the first round.

seo in young

It turns out Miss 1+1 loses by 5 votes and is unveiled to be Seo In Young. All the music professionals on the panel knew who she was instantly. Baek Ji Young noted that it’s a good thing that she was recognized so easily because that just means people know who she is and her voice.

I think I’m more excited about what the reigning champ, Cleopatra, is going to sing. That’s what I’ll be looking forward to. Let me know what you’re looking forward to in the next episode!

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