T’s Talk of the Music Realm: B1A4

Hey obsessors!

This week ear candy would have to be B1A4’s SOLO DAY.



Their new album SOLO DAY have six songs that can be considered as pop.

For some reason every time I think of B1A4 I always think of when they first debuted with “Beautiful Target.” That song is still within my top songs from them. I’ve noticed their aura/vibe is still the same as when they debuted but in a more mature and natured feel to it. I still see them as these really cute, adorable guys but with more oomph.

My top songs from this album would be “잘 돼가” and “드라이브.” Earlier when I described the genre of the album I wanted to add “with a whole bunch of feel” but didn’t. And I feel that way because “잘 돼가,”  “드라이브,” “내가 뭐가 돼” and “YOU” can be considered as pop but in a slow way. In a way that’ll make you sway with the melodies and just take in the guys soothing voices.

In truth I like all the songs in this album but “잘 돼가” and “드라이브” really sticked out to me the most. For one reason or another I’ve been in a, I guess you can say a “feels” type of mood for a while now so the melodies from those songs caught my attention or mood the most. But in essence most of the album did.

As the album cover already pointed out “Will their dreams come true?  The growth story of the five boys has just begun.” It seems like the guys want to revamp themselves and they started it out perfectly. Let us all keep an eye on their growth in the future.

If you haven’t seen “SOLO DAY” MV, here you go. I still don’t understand how the MV matches the song though.

Tell us what you think!

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