QT’s K-pop Playlist: Singing in the Rain with Rain

Is it just me or have we been getting a lot of rain lately? While I was reliving my childhood, playing in the rain, I was wondering if theres are any songs for this kind of innocent moment but then that moment passed and I thought of Bi Rain.

Check out my most faves of our handsome Rain.

This playlist is longer than normal and my reason is because there are so many songs that I love from Rain and had problems choosing so I added most of them. haha

The songs I picked were either his promoted songs/hits and just my faves in general.

Promoted songs but I still love them are:

“Why,” “How to Avoid the Sun,” “It’s Raining,” “I Do,” “I’m Coming,” “With You,” “Rainism,” “Only You,” “Love Song,” “30Sexy” and “La Song.” 

Faves that are not promoting songs are:

“11 Days,” “Cassiopeia,” “Love Story,” “My Girl” and “Marilyn Monroe.”

From your indecisive blogger


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