T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Crush

Hey obsessors

This weeks ear candy would be a new and upcoming artist Crush.


Everyone is probably thinking why am I reviewing a new artist instead of Gummy and Boyfriend who also  just released new albums too. My opinion is that they are artists who have been around and established their own fan groups and we all know what they’re capable of. Crush is new, fresh and is a part of Amoeba Culture label; home to Dynamic Duo, Zion T. and many more.

You can guess what style his singing is by which company he’s in: R&B, soul and dance.

His album Crush on You, have 11 songs and in almost every song has a featuring artist like Lydia Park,  Zion T., CHOIZA, Gaeko, Jay Park, Simon D. etc,. By having so many featuring artist there were so many things that went through my head on why there are so many, most of them are positive thoughts. They have faith in him and want to help him out on getting his name out there, he’s style and voice harmonize well with all different type of voices and genres.

I’ve tried to listen to a lot of new, up and coming artist but some left me disappointed but not Crush.

I’m satisfied with the whole album, you know how there’s always that one song you don’t really care for, well for me there wasn’t any in this album.

My top songs though were “I Fancy You,”  “A Little Bit,” “Hey Baby,” “Hug Me,” and “Sometimes.” That was almost half the album, as you can see I had a problem in rounding them any farther down.

I hope everyone would give Crush a chance and at least listen to the songs I recommended or his MV “Hug Me” and “Sometimes.” You will not regret it!

Tell us what you think!

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