T’s Talk of the Music Realm: Yong Jun Hyung

Hey my obsessors!!

Everyone loving the snow as much as I do right now?? Don’t get me wrong I hate the ice but LOVE the snow. hehe


This week album would have to be Jun Hyung’s mini solo album “Flower.” Even though I would love Beast to have a new mini album out having Jun Hyung’s mini solo album is nice too.

The album has five new songs, our beautiful G.NA featuring in “Anything” and our sweetie Yoseop featuring in “Caffeine.” This time around I won’t do my top songs because…. I can’t choose!!


I could say I like his other four songs more than his opening song “Nothing is Forever.” I’m not quite sure why but I can say it’s not my top songs. hehe 

Jun Hyung composed and produced all the songs in this album, it has this mellow but seductive hip hop theme to the songs. The songs emulate Jun Hyung’s essence; his personality, character and attitude. Not that I know Jun Hyung personally but how he portrays himself as we see him now. He only does things that are necessary and do them to the best of his ability.

Here is the “Flower” MV for those who haven’t seen is yet…. I like it but then…. what’s up with his floating head and flower lei??….

Tell us what you think!

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