YG’s WIN: Who is Next Ep. 8

Welcome to another recap of WIN: Who is Next!  This episode features the rest of the second battle.  As promised, I will definitely talk about the performances that were aired in episode 7 too.  So sit down and be prepared, this one is a bumpy ride.


As mentioned last week, YG picked a song for each group to perform.  Team B performs Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and Team A performs Tamia’s “Officially Missing you”.  In round 1 Team B got to choose the order, YG lets Team A choose the order in round 2.  They opt out in going first and decide to go second.

Song Selection Round:

Team B performs “Baby”, and all the judges find it fresh and a fun performance to watch.  The judges comment on how Bobby seemed a little awkward because it wasn’t straight up hip-hop.  I agree, he seemed to be out of place.  On the other hand, I thought everyone else did a good job in acting cute and young.  All their performances to this one were “mature” for their age.  These kids are still in high school.  It was nice to see a performance displaying their freshness as youngsters.

Team A sang “Officially Missing you”.  Kang Seung-Yoon based their performance on Akdong Musician’s performance on K-Pop Star Season 2.  Akdong musician visits them in the previous episode.  All we get is cute and hilarious antics from Team A.

Back to the performance, Team A wrote korean lyrics for the song base on their experiences.  While Min-Ho was rapping his part, he missed a beat but quickly got back on track.  I really enjoyed the softness that Team A showed us.  The judges on the other hand didn’t enjoy it as much as I did.  JYP comments that on stage they had the mentality to not make a mistake and it showed.  I kind of agree, but I think that their song and arrangement was more difficult than Team B’s, so it felt like they had to concentrate on it more.


Team B 260             Team A 254

Dance Battle:

Team B: HOT!  Has anybody else noticed that Team B always incorporates The Bernie.  It makes me love them even more <3.

Team A: SEXY! They were so good.  I love how they made sure Min-Ho was in the dance performance even though he couldn’t dance. So cool!

I love how they both decided to go with the school theme.  The score after the dance battle is: Team B with 534 and Team A with 525.

Composing Battle:

Team B created the song “Winnin”.  Judges weren’t too thrilled with their composition.  It was catchy and it was hip-hop, something they are very good at.

Team A with Kang Seung-Yoon’s composition “Smile Again”.  They were really good.  You could tell that everyone was happy with the result.  YG commented on Seung-Hoon singing the song before their stage and he knew that it was going to be a good one.

Final score:

Team B: 788                 Team A: 792

Team A finally WINS!! Yeah!!

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