QT Snackity Snackeroos: Korean Snack Edition

If you guys don’t know, we love food and eating. It’s essentially all we really do with our lives nowadays (alongside this blog, of course). We tried the super spicy, FIRE ramen noodles and other random snacks that looked good and interesting.



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unTouchable Ch 0-5 Reactions

After thinking about what to post, I was reading some of my favorite mangas. And it came to me, why not rant about a manhwa I like!

After a quick brain storm with Q, I decided to do a webtoon called unTouchable. It’s far along enough where I can post the chapters in bulk and interesting enough I can keep reading.

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Let it Go: Reaction~ish and Cover~ish

Because “Frozen” was the number one animation movie that came out and so many artists made a cover to “Let it Go.” We decided to do a reaction to the one we thought was the best cover 2Bic’s.

But because our reactions were a bit “Mung” we thought doing a cover would be interesting

Hope you guys enjoy!!