Mung~ Reactions: Jay Park “Lack of Abs” Trip

Hi! We’re back with another Mung~ Reaction. When we heard that Jay Park’s music video “Sex Trip” was released, it was like a no-brainer to do a reaction to it. Maybe it could take the “mung” out of our reactions 😉

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unTouchable Ch 0-5 Reactions

After thinking about what to post, I was reading some of my favorite mangas. And it came to me, why not rant about a manhwa I like!

After a quick brain storm with Q, I decided to do a webtoon called unTouchable. It’s far along enough where I can post the chapters in bulk and interesting enough I can keep reading.

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Let it Go: Reaction~ish and Cover~ish

Because “Frozen” was the number one animation movie that came out and so many artists made a cover to “Let it Go.” We decided to do a reaction to the one we thought was the best cover 2Bic’s.

But because our reactions were a bit “Mung” we thought doing a cover would be interesting

Hope you guys enjoy!!