IU “Twenty-Three” Parody: A K-Pop Fan’s Life

So to celebrate my (Q’s) 23rd birthday (which was yesterday, lol), what better way to celebrate it than to make a parody of IU’s “Twenty-Three”.


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K-Pop Girl Groups in Real Life

Ever wondered what K-pop girl groups do in REAL life? Look no further and watch this video. All your answers will be answered!

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QT’s GT: K-Pop Fantasy Idol Group

We’re back with another game! So if you’ve every played fantasy sports, we kind of picked up this idea from it.

Basically, we picked a bunch of groups and two solo artists and we individually chose who we wanted to join our “company”. From there we formed groups, made group names and first single song titles, and we even went as far as to make group greetings.¬†We even had a referee to pick a winner. We had a rubric and everything. This was a pretty serious competition.

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