K-Pop Star 6: The Last Chance Episode 1

It’s a bittersweet time for us K-Pop Star fans. While we’re excited a new season is upon us, it is unfortunately the last season of K-Pop Star forever.


The producers have gone with the theme The Last Chance.  A new rule that they’ve implemented this year is that singers who have already debuted or are signed with an agency are allowed to audition.  Many are probably thinking that it’s not fair, but in my opinion it’ll be a lot harder for them.

K-Pop Star is all about taking a singer and teaching them, but if they’ve already been taught a certain way for many years it becomes a hard thing to break and re-mold.

So, as always during the audition rounds I list out my standouts.  Here we go!

Yoo Ji Ni

She is Yoo Jei’s little sister.  And I have to say, I like her voice just a tad better.  Also, what the hell are their parents feeding them for them to be this talented.  I’m excited to see how far she’ll go!

Lee Soo Min

For those of you guys who are like she looks familiar, but I’m not quite sure who she is.  She’s Lee Soo Min from Produce 101.  She placed 31st overall.  She’s not super unique, but I have a feeling that she’ll get pretty far or she’ll be part of some awesome performance like in group week or something.

Lee Ka Do

This girl is going to be a super star!  Of course, if she meets the right people to nurture her talent.  She has the voice, confidence, and everything in between.

Special mention: Lee Sang Eun

JYP praised her voice and absolutely loved it, even though she was too nervous to play the guitar (which by the way, I was super excited to see her play).  I, personally, am not so sure about the super awesome voice.  She sounds like every other indie artist out there.  But I do commend her for performing with Sam Kim without any practice.  Sam Kim nailed it even though he’s never played the song before.

That’s episode 1!  Like I said before, I’m a little sad that it’s the last season but I’m pretty sure the competition is going to be fierce.  Let me know what you guys thought about the episode!

Thanks, Q.

Also, check out this video we made!

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