I’ve learned a lot of things from k-pop. Here are a few.

1. Double Eyelids

I guess this was never really brought to my attention until I got into k-pop. Personally, I think it’s harder to have double eyelids when you’re Asian, because it’s so awkward trying to wear eye shadow because my eyes are small, lol. At least in my experience it is. But yeah, I was just surprised how common and how normal it is to even get plastic surgery for your eyes. That just sounds painful.

2. Makjang Dramas.

The concept of makjang doesn’t surprise me, but dang do Koreans do makjang really well. Makjang dramas are dramas that are super over the top, kind of like soap operas. I guess I just really like the word.

3. Skinship

This is just a weird word in general.

4. Sasaeng Fans

are crazy. End of story.

5. Camera Lenses

Aren’t camera lenses like really expensive? Where do these teenage girls have the money to spend and buy these humongous camera lenses? Not going to lie, I’m kind of jealous because I kind of want one, but dang! These girls mean serious business when it comes to their idols.

6. Crazy Variety Show Games

I love games. I love playing games. I’m pretty competitive too. One of my dreams is to go on a Korean variety show and just play games all day long with like Yoo Jae Suk and my favorite idols. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be with my favorite idols.

Speaking of challenges, you guys should watch our whisper challenge video.

Or our don’t react to k-pop challenge.

Haha, anyways…let me know what are some thing you learned from k-pop!

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