K-Pop Star 5 Episode 12

The road to top 10 begins!

top 10

Before we start, I just want to say how awesome Antenna’s building looks. My favorite part has to be when it was late at night and there’s a clip of Sam Kim and Jung Seung Hwan putting things like drawers and shelves together, haha!

Here’s our current top 18.

top 18

For those of you guys who aren’t familiar with the format. Each company trains their 6 people and on d-day one person from each company competes against one another. The judges place them with first place automatically makes it to top 10, second waits for a second chance, and third being eliminated.

Chae Ji Hye vs. Mazinger S vs. Jung Jin Woo

Chae Ji Hye seems like a really nice girl and I kind of feel bad that she’s in this group. She sang her song really well, but it was just normal to me. There wasn’t anything special.

My bae. Ugh, Jung Jin Woo, who broke your heart so much that you had to write a song like that. Broke my own heart.

Mazinger S brought the sass, attitude, and everything a k-pop girl group should have. YHY noted that all the girls have a different character in the group so it’ll be easy for them to have fans because there is someone in the group they’re bound to like.

Because of their awesomeness, Mazinger S make it to top 10. Jung Jin Woo gets second and waits for his second chance to impress the judges.

Kim Chae Ran vs. Park Min Ji vs. Lee Soo Jung

Kim Chae Ran was good. She was a tad bit boring. Random thought, she kind of reminds me of Shin Ji Hoon from season 1, the girl who ice skates, looks wise at least.

Park Min Ji, that girl can sing. I got goosebumps everywhere and I personally think this is her best performance so far.

First, I would like to mention that I love Lee Soo Jung’s shoes that she wore. Now, I fangirl. Well, I want to fangirl but I feel too…sad. She sang g.o.d.’s “Lie” and I’ve heard it many times, but her performance left me with tears. She just…I don’t even know what to say. Her voice is so pretty and I’m just having trouble breathing right now.

They don’t tell the rankings, but I’m llike 99% sure that Lee Soo Jung makes it to top 10 with Park Min Ji following second.

I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tune for next week’s episode! While you’re waiting check out who are our ideal types *yes, plural*.

Or this vlog: Things I Learned from K-Pop

Thanks, Q.

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