K-Pop Star 5 Episode 11

Casting part two!

antenna wins again

I feel like the casting round is harder for the judges than the contestants.

Sophie Han and Park Ka Kyung

Awww, they’re so adorable. I loved their version of “Ma Boy” by Sistar19. It was cute and they both sounded really good. The only thing “negative” that I have to say about it was the little lyric from JYP’s song that they mixed in their. It was a good idea but somehow felt out of place. Other than that, their performance and harmonies gave me chills. Sophie Han gets cast into JYP. Antenna gives up on Park Ka Kyung, YG casts her for some future friendly competition.

Woo Ye Rin and An Ye Eun

Woah. That was super cool. They re-imagined IU’s “Pink Shoes” in a darker way and they both played one piano at the same time. So cool. The judges said that while the duo are really good together, individually they aren’t as strong. JYP gave them a chance to be grouped together in which they hesitated and decided not to do it. While JYP and YG didn’t cast either, YHY casted both of them as individuals.

Seo Kyung Duk

I wish he would have sang “Please Love Her” by Ha Dong Kyun. He would have nailed that song. Truthfully, I didn’t think anyone would cast him. I guess JYP has some special plans for him. I look forward to see how he’ll improve.

Park Min Ji and Yoo Yoon Ji

It was okay. I mean they’re both really good singers but together it felt like something was missing. I found myself not concentrating and a little bored. Park Min Ji said that there was going to be some high notes but I didn’t HEAR them, you know what I mean. JYP casts Park Min Ji and YG casts Yoo Yoon Ji.

Lee Soo Jung and Yoo Jay

Isn’t it cheating to put these two in a group together? Well, they killed it. They sounded so good together and you could totally see that they had great teamwork together. I think the best part of this round is seeing the judges fight over them.

So Antenna has first pick but before he could even picks up his mic, JYP pulls out his special casting card and was like try me. YHY casts Lee Soo Jung and YG casts Yoo Jay. Before JYP chooses which one he wants to take to his company, he has YG and YHY make an appeal. YG says that Yoo Jay belongs with him because he already has Lee Hi, Katie Kim, and with Yoo Jay it’ll be a set. YHY is hilarious and claims that Lee Soo Jung is prettiest when she smiles and he can make her smile. JYP picks Yoo Jay and it’s the second contestant that’s been taken from YG.

Next week is when they start filling in top 10. From the previews, it looks like it’s going to be awesome! Stay tuned. While your waiting check out this video, which is pretty awesome too. #shameless

Thanks, Q.

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