K-Pop Star 5 Episode 10

It’s finally here! Casting rounds! For those of you guys who are new to this. The contestants perform again in their groups or solo and get casted into one of the three agencies or get eliminated. Each company gets 6 people to bring in.

intense casting round

Find out which of your favorites make it on to the next (and I think, final) round before top 10.

Lee Kyu Won

Oh, her voice is so pretty. And she’s only 11. JYP noted that her voice is a little unstable and that she just needs to grow older to fix that. Unfortunately, mainly for that reason, she was not casted into any agency. I hope she does come back in a later season.

Lee Si Eun and Kim Young Eun

They were put together after the last round to see if some magical stuff could happen with their clear voices. I thought it was okay. They mention in their interview that they had a really big high note and an explosion of emotions, but I didn’t really feel it. Luckily, YHY saw that Lee Si Eun had potential. JYP casted Kim Young Eun on the notion that they’re going to find a song to “let go of herself”.

Mazinger S – Joyce Lee, Kim Ye Rim, Denise Kim, and Ryeo Wee Wee (that still looks wrong to me, someone please fix it lol)

Whoa! They were so good! Joyce Lee, girl, you know I’m a fan and you killed it. Everyone did, including Ryeo Wee Wee. And YG casts all of them as a group saying that they can definitely make it to the final and maybe win it.

Joo Mi Yeon

Okay, so she had some vocal cord issues (seemed pretty serious in my opinion), so her performance wasn’t what I was expecting. So, I’m just glad that YG decided to cast her. Yay!

Jung Jin Woo

My bae. My bae performed his own original song and it was good. He slayed it. He rapped. He sang. He wrote it. He produced it. That’s my bae.

Okay, I’m done. In all seriousness though, he was so good. The lyrics and the song itself had me grooving and body rolling right from the get go. I’m glad he went with his instincts because it went really well for him. Plus, I loved how they had random shots of Lee Soo Jung.

Alright, so JYP had priority casting so he naturally tries to cast him. But then YG pulls out his special casting card which he can only use once. While everyone is digesting the fact that YG just stole Jung Jin Woo from JYP, YHY was like wait a hot second, I have a casting card too and I want to use it. BAM! Now, Jung Jin Woo gets a chance to choose where he wants to go, YG or Antenna. They make their appeals with YG saying that he’ll be able to eat and won’t starve. But YHY was like sure they have good food but don’t you want to help choose the menu? Jung Jin Woo chooses Antenna, but not because of food, because YHY helped him a lot before.

I hope you enjoyed that. Stay tuned for next week’s recap, they put Lee Soo Jung and Yoo Jay in a group and that’s bound to be EPIC. In the meanwhile check out this epic(?) video we made.

Thanks, Q.



  1. Fiona · February 17, 2016

    The Chinese contestant in Mazinger S is called Liu Yu Yu.

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