K-Pop Star 5 Episode 9

Hi guys! Last week they left us at a cliffhanger. Who will get eliminated among Yoo Jay, Yoo Yoon Ji, Lee Si Eun, and Joo Mi Yeon?

why must you make me jealous of your stupid fake love

And this happens too…

Okay, I’ll get right to it. Lee Si Eun is eliminated and my faith in luck and fairness goes down the drain.

Mazinger vs. MSG

Damn! Mazinger brought the sass and the fierce with their rendition of JYP’s “Who’s your Mama”. They were so good and so awesome. When they mashed it with JYP’s “Honey”, I was done. Dead. Like how? Joyce was the star of the performance in my opinion. She has the voice and her stage presence is endless. You keep doing your thang girl!

I couldn’t help but make a GIF of this.

joyce lee can you teach me your sassy ways

MSG’s performance was beautiful. It was the complete opposite from Mazinger’s as they decided to sing a ballad song to showcase their voices. It was beautiful and pretty. I wanted more. I wanted to hear them sing together and harmonize more. Individually, each one sounded great. Together, they sounded marvelous! Unfortunately, Mazinger was a tad bit better and Kim Sara was eliminated from the competition.

Sprouts vs. Buzz (I think?)

The little girls of Sprouts were good. They were soft and cute. I was in and out of their performance but Lee Kyu Won’s voice brought me back when needed. Not that Iris Hwang’s voice is boring, but I have to agree with JYP when he says that her voice is too soft and it won’t get her far in the competition.

Buzz sang G-Dragon’s “Who You” and it’s personally one of my favorite G-Dragon songs ever so I was pretty excited to see what they had to offer. YG noted that usually when contestants sing YG songs, they usually don’t turn out that great. Their performance for me was 50/50. I liked how they slowed it down in the beginning but then I felt like they should have kept it like that because they sounded good. Then they sped it up and it was okay. Then they slowed it down again, in my opinion, it sounded better. YHY said it best that their performance was just enough so that people will just like it. Jun Ji Ae was eliminated.

Popcorn vs. My Favorite Couple on K-Pop Star Ever

So Popcorn sings first with their rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is you” and yeah. I guess I should have you guys listen to them first.

Now, that you’ve heard them. I can state my opinion. While they sounded good, the whole thing sounded messy. I just had no idea what they were trying to do. Near the end when they simply just sang the song, I enjoyed that part a lot. But then there were a lot of bums and dums and I was like, huh? There was just too much going on that my simple, not-musically-talented mind could comprehend.

Okay, now my favorite couple of all time on K-Pop Star (not bias at all *shifty eyes*). Like, why do they have to be so cute together? Why’d they have to take adorable pictures together? Why’d the have to go “hang out”? Why’d they have to go and break my heart when they burned the pictures? I hope, just for my cliche drama heart, that one of them kept one to keep forever. Anyways, I know it’s all for the performance and I thought it worked. They both sounded really good and I thought their voices meshed a lot more this round compared to the showcase. It could be because, as JYP noted, that Lee Soo Jung’s high notes were more stable. Plus, can I add how not awkward she sounds while singing in Korean?

The judges decided to eliminate 2 girls from the popcorn group, Kim Min Ji and Park So Hye.

PLOT TWIST! All the judges agreed that it was a waste to just let Lee Si Eun go. So they PD’s allowed all the judges a wild card each but they all wanted the same girl. Guess who came back?

lee si eun is back!

Thanks for reading! Watch some of our videos. I swear they’re pretty awesome…or weird, lol.

Thanks, Q.


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