unTouchable Ch 76 Reactions

I’m back with my reactions/commentaries of the webtoon unTouchable.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 3.19.35 PM

I wonder if Jiho is gonna faint every time they kiss now.

The last two chapters were about Baryu’s childhood. We found out that he was an orphan but because he was a vampire and didn’t know it he was in situations where he couldn’t explain himself. Situations like the families that adopted him would all become sick when they get in contact with him or the family dog would die.

After a moment of feeling hungry and touching one of the caretakers leg Baryu was transfer to another orphanage where he met SiA. Even as a child she was a friendly girl and noticed that there was something about him. That’s when she ran to him and asked him if he was a vampire too.

That’s when Baryu finally figured out why he was so different from the other kids. SiA took him to her home and her father adopted him into their family making it his first time feeling he belong.

Since then Baryu has followed SiA around and listened to every suggestion and demand she ever made. She was his first and only love but because he didn’t want to ruin their relationship he has been waiting till she falls in love with him.

Ch 76.


Oh yea she has been eating something good! Keke!


Awe he finally took the initiative to take her out on a date and giving her roses!!


The store is called Sexy Hot, what is that?!?!?? If my BF took me to a sex shop for our date…


“Toys with different sizes”???? OMO!! And then he starts hitting on him!! Keke!


This date has been a train wreck, one disaster after another… Poor Jiho! Keke! (Truthfully, it seems like something QT dates might end up being like.)


Look at those faces!! JIho’s crying face is cute and SiA is smiling while she told him that! Keke!


Those are such cute charms!! I want one!! SiA you should stop being surprised when it comes to Jiho buying stuff she thinks are cute and want.


OMO!!! That’s just a bold commitment of you just proclaim Jiho!!!

I was a bit late with this chapter but I promise I’m gonna get back on it!!

Come back later this week to figure out what’s going on with Baryu!

Have a hot night!


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  1. Mechan · December 27, 2015

    Hii, can u pls tell me what’s the name of those charms or if they are real? TWT i am so desperate 😭😭😭

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