Review: Weekly Idol Ft. Mad Clown, Jungigo and Joo Young

Hi guys! So, I just watched the Weekly Idol episode with Mad Clown, Jungigo and Joo Young and it was freakin’ amazing! These 3 come together as Starship Entertainment’s secret weapons 1,2, and 3. I have to say the images that these guys usually portrayed have been completely, 180 degree, flipped in my mind after watching this episode.

Read on to my review, pew pew!

How did you feel about this episode?

Uh, great. I wasn’t expecting much going into the episode and I only really wanted to watch it to see if I could catch a glimpse of Joo Young singing sexily, because if you’ve watched the show you know that’s what the MCs are into. Doni and Coni sure do know a fan girl’s heart. Anyways, the three, generally known to be pretty bad ass (minus Jungigo), turned out to be cute, adorably awkward human beings. Cue me, melting at all their awkwardness. For some reason I’m into that (you know we all are, haha!). So, yeah, that’s basically what this episode was all about.

Some highlights of the episode to watch for:

  • Random Play Dance. Yup, the infamous random play dance. But, Q, how does that even happen, they’re all solo singers and barely dance? Just gotta watch and find out, and I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Finding out Jungigo’s REAL age. It’s definitely a WTF moment.
  • Mad Clown not being able to rap without his hands.
  • Mad Clown loading.
  • Heck, just Mad Clown in general.
  • For those of you wondering, Joo Young does sing. Definitely look out for that.
  • And while everyone in the episode was good, Mad Clown shined like the sun in the desert   AND he was the only oasis (or hallucination) that could relieve you of your insanity (or potentially cause your insanity).

    Lol, jk…but really doe.

So that’s my super short review, or I guess more of a summary/highlights special. Let us know what some of your favorite parts of the episode!

Thanks, Q.

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