QT’s K-pop Playlist: WTF Song Edition

Yo, Q here!  I know it’s been a while since I’ve been posting, but I’ve come prepared with redemption.

Oh K-pop, how I enjoy thee for your awesome random selection of songs.  I know we all know PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, but here are some crazy, wacked-out K-pop videos that I absolutely love.

Read on to find out why Iove these songs

Superman “Norazo”- If you haven’t heard of Norazo, then you’re missing out.  This video and song combined puts a satirical twists on Korean dramas.  Plus, where else are you going to find a song about Superman’s underwear.

Lim Chang Jung “Open the Door”- This video has an onslaught of cameos. Here’s a few: U-Kiss, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Jae Dong, Yoon Se Yoon, DJ DOC, Daniel Choi, Lee Jong Hyuk, Solbi, Heechul, and many others.  If you’re into trot, this a great, fun track for you!

Orange Caramel “Lipstick”- Actually a lot of Orange Caramel songs and videos are out there. I just really like lipstick.

Girls’ Day “Oh! My God”- Reaction afterwards: what did I just watch?

Two Song Place “Age-Height”- The name of the song is a word play on Nike (na-ee, age and ki, height). A lot more gag women cameos parodying a lot of popular music videos. It’s great!


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